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CBR954RR or CBR1000rr for road use

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Hi there :)

Tried to search this topic but i couldn't find my answers :confused:

I really like the looks of CBR954RR but how does it compare to CBR1000RR 2004 models?

I know CBR1000RR has more power but which is better as a road bike, maybe 1 or 2 track days a year.

Any feedback from people who have ridden both bikes will be appreciated .

Thanks in advance :thumb:
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I've had both bikes, i liked the 954 better, a had a 954 that i sold to get a 1000rr, but after 3months i sold the 1000rr, and got a 954 again, my 1000rr had 148bhp, as standard @ back well, my 954 with full akrapovic system and custom map got 154bhp @ back wheel, both bikes on the same dyno.
Stevecbr1000 thanks for reply. In your opinion can u tell me why is 954RR better than 1000RR? Is it more comfortable as a road bike, everyday bike? What is the handling like on 954RR compared to 1000RR?

I found the 954 more fun, the 1000rr was a bit bland, the 954 is also more comfy as a road bike, i also found the 954's handling was better than the 1000rr, 954 steering was alot quicker than 1000rr, don't get me wrong the 1000rr is an excellent bike, but i prefer the 954. Also my 1000rr was rr5 2005 model, incase you were wondering. The price difference between a 03 954 and 04 1000rr is about £900-£1000 difference.
Thanks for reply Steve, I was hoping for that answer. I am deffo going for 954rr in march-April time, once I sell my XV1700 Warrior or px with 954.

Cheers Steve
I would say if ur not gonna get a 06 are above 1000 then go with the 954..
954 probably the best Blade ever made in its era by the man of Honda himself :thumb:
I would say if ur not gonna get a 06 are above 1000 then go with the 954..
:plus1: I wouldn't even entertain the idea of an RR4 or RR5 but I would consider an RR6 or RR7 for it's beauty and power over the 954. However, the 954RR is way more comfortable to ride over any of those.

When it comes to choosing between the same class (cc) of bike it's safe to just go with the one that looks better and feels more comfortable to you. I doubt the average rider would really miss the proposed 10-20 or so hp gap between the different generations and makes.
You can fit a 6 pack of bear and a subway sandwich in the trunk of a 954, can you do that with a 1000rr?
Lmao.. Sounds like a great reason to get a 954
Jumping in with a quick question to anyone who has ridden the 954 and found it great for touring with and who also has ridden the 08-current version of the 1000RR.

I'm asking because while I had my 954 (and boy do I miss it) I put more km's on it then any other bike I've owned and found it extremely comfortable.

I'm getting ready to go back to a sport bike and want to get new. Sitting on one in the showroom doesn't translate well to real world so any feedback is appreciated.

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