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Being the end of the year I realize that some of you might be looking for organizations to make charitable donations to. There are two such organizations that I support personally and I would like to encourage you all to join me.

The first is supporting injured motorcycle road racers; of which I am one. If I were injured doing something arguably stupid (but makes a significant contribution as to who I am) and had mounting bills they would help me, so I help them when I don’t need them. The Red Flag Fund will accept donations via PayPal or personal check. It is a new organization and I don’t know if they have their tax exemption yet but I have an email into the director and will know yes/no shortly.

Second is an organization started and run by a distant cousin of mine and generally good guy. The organization is named after his late infant daughter Sydney who had a very rare cancer like disease that about 30 days after she was born took her life. The Sydney Salem Golding Fund supports Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and the Histiocytosis Association of America.

If you are looking for last minute tax deductions or just some good karma I’d appreciate you supporting these organizations.


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