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Sorry to those who are now bored with this but I have cured the clattering sound.

I have a photo of the damaged waterpump but i don't know how to upload it but this is what I think caused the noise.

During the impact which damaged the bike the waterpump took a knock. There were no external signs of this.

When I removed the retaining bolts I noticed one was bent. It was bent enough to crack the part of the pump housing in which it sits. There are only two bolts which fasten the pump to the crankcase. The pump locates into the crankcase and sits in a large rubber O ring.

The knock on the pump was enough to shift it within the crankcase, the movement being taken up by the O ring. This meant that the water pump drive shaft was not meshing correctly with the drive from the oil pump and it was this that was causing the noise. As the oil pump turned and tried to drive the water pump it was impacting onto the edges of the slot in the waterpump shaft.

Well - there you have it. I reassembled everthing in its correct position. Refilled with oil and water. Pressed the starter.

WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! no noise.

Happy Bill
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