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Clunking/skipping noise in high gears/low speed

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Hi guys,

Bike has developed an issue. When shifting from 4th to 5th it feel like it’s not engaged 100% and causes a jerking motion and a loud (ish) noise that I can describe as a chain skipping sound.

The gearbox generally feels tight and the above issue does not happen when I ride through all the gears up to 8/9k rpm. It only happens if I’m in a higher gear at about 50mph and then accelerate hard in 5th that the slipping sound and jerking occurs. If I drop to 3rd and go through the gears then it doesn’t happen. It appears to happen only under heavy load in 5/6th at lower speeds.

Clutch bite is great, no slipping clutch at all so I’m pretty sure it’s not a clutch issue. It sounds like it’s trying to get into 5th gear for a second, slips and judders and then it’s smooth and pulls.

Some guys in FB said could be the following:

Clutch, dogs, clutch adjustment, oil, chain too tight, chain too loose,….I’m baffled!

The chain is a bit tight (25mm free play) and the front and rear sprocket at all good, no worn teeth.

Anyone had the same issue or can someone diagnose?

Hope you can assist me.

Great forum BTW.
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