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I just put drag bars on my 1980 CM400a and found that my throttle would stick open as a result. I tried re routing the cables and came to the conclusion that my cables are just too long. I want to replace them with braided cables preferably Magnum Shielding cables. They have cables that fit Honda models but no info on CM400's.
My cables have a little barrel on the ends and the Magnum cables seem to have a little ball. I am not sure if this would be a problem or if the cables would even fit into the throttle control housing.
Does any one have any experience with these cables and knows if they will fit my application, or any other custom braided cables that will work on my bike? :idunno:

The first two pics are my old cables and the last is a pic of the Magnum Cables. (Note the different look of the ends)


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