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initial results from antibody testing in NY are being published. the test methodology is to test only those who have not tested positive for the corona virus, thereby not duplicating numbers.

the results show that about 21% of people tested in NYC have been infected.
14% of people tested elsewhere in the state have been infected.

similar tests in boston show a 30% infection rate.
tests previously posted show 4% in rural colorado.

what does all this mean? very likely, at least 13.2 million people in the US have been infected and recovered from the virus, undetected. it's possible as many as 66 million people have been infected and recovered from the virus.

taking into account the number of deaths from the virus, which is over collecting in the US by counting deaths for any reason (looking at you guy who was impaled by a fork truck and later tested positive), the mortality rate of the virus is as high as 0.4% and as low as 0.08%

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. . . As mentioned in another thread, I was booked for Sicily hold in May. Given that FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) has said no travel to Italy until Dec 31st, I have already initiated cancellation. Heathrow Airport Parking refunded with no issue. Alitalia Airlines is both ignoring and fobbing off, as is accommodation in Sicily half paid through Booking dot com, a company I will NEVER again deal with. Masters of misinformation and fobbing off)

I have travel insurance purchased last July and have already referred claim to them.
Happy to report that after months of fighting, Booking dot com agreed to a refund and has done so. Alitalia agreed one month ago and claimed it would be through in one month. Will hopefully come through shortly.

Travel insurance was a rip off. Claimed I was only covered for incidences AFTER commencement of travel. Admittedly, I did have a fairly basic policy, but just shows that no insurance company will ever pay out over a 'grey' area. My argument was that I was not able to travel due to legislation and no flights.

So, all's well that ends well, and I now see that my bike purchasing fund is more lively!! Now off to eBay! (y)
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