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I tried to upload the full fat JPEG but limits kicked in.
I bought the CB77 at auction in 1990. It had a full frame resto, but the engine and carbs were utterly worn out.
Over the years (and as each item was found wanting):-
Full engine rebuild. Went to 350cc (from 305cc) but found that vibrated a tad too much. Back to standard.
Even with the best re-build and running in, a hot day saw the pistons nip up (yet again). Engineered an oil feed to spray under the pistons (ala. Suzuki).
Carburation was always hit and miss, the originals always wore. Replaced with a pair off a Yamaha twin. Rubber stub mountings help to isolate vibrations from the floats.
Electrics were marginal when new, 40 years later the alternator was kaput. Replaced with a FIELD COIL unit off an airhead BMW / Moto Guzzi. PROPER electrics at last!
I put on an oil cooler as belt and braces and to increase the oil capacity a little.
Modern air rear shocks that look stock but work very well.
Things like silencers and brightwork have needed replacing touching up as the years go by.
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