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Hey guys, iv been waiting to do a crash report until a had a recent accident and I did on Tuesday! Boy was it fun :).
Well my buddy shows up on his drz400e and I hopped on my 99 xr250r ya ya ya I kno 250. But shes a hand full plenty of power. Anyways we took out gravel roads hit some trails and went making new trails. All was Great! Rode for two hours. Then on way back we had wheelie contest on good stretch of road well all was. Good for twenty mins or so then I clutched up in second carried wheel clicked third usually wheel will spin a rotation or two when falling in third well not this time so she flipped right over at about 40 on some pretty heavy gravel. I put quarter size hole in my knee cap had 5 stitches put in the next day. Lol... small rash on right hip.
I followed proper procedure during crash feet knees hip and back. Ur supose to try spread impact to prevent further injury. I got pretty lucky wasn't hurt to bad. Bike was running waiting for me to pick it back up. Got up ran-hobbled to bike picked up road home to assess Damage.
Well I was wearing full gauntlet gloves, frank Thomas jacket with armor in all the right places and decent helment thankfully but after my many crashes iv learned to keep head off ground while crashing. Lol
so to anybody who thinks safety gear is for ninnys that is untrue. There are two types of riding those who have gone down and those who are gonna go down. Dress for the crash now the ride. Even experience riders crash but they crash safer cause they were gear!!
if you own a motorbike of anykind you NEED to invest in the proper gear.
if I was to wear my good armor pants I wouldn't have my hospital stitches bill :(

Hope everybody out there is ridding safely with proper gear. Way cheaper then skin grafts.

Keep em rubber side down guys and gals!!
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