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I'm wondering what's involved in crating a bike up for shipping- I'm going to move to England for a couple of years and would like to take my blade with me- I'll lose out heaps if I sell it and if I were to leave it here doing nothing it would depreciate heaps too, so might as well take it with me- there's plenty of tracks in the UK and a couple of mates are talking about doing a ride from england to spain to watch a GP race.

apparently it takes about 6 weeks to get from Perth to Southampton UK I'm worried about corrosion being in the salty air for that amount of time.
You have to drain the tank, can I spray some WD40 or something in the tank in order to keep it from rusting? normally if the bike is going to stand I'll fill it right to the brim so as to not leave any air gap for condensation to form,
Is there anything I cam do to prevent condensation from forming in the cylinder that has a valve open? I could pull the plugs out and put some oil on the chambers, is it worth doing though?

any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


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