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crossing over from harley to honda? any experience with this?

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i was driving around today and ended up in a honda powersports dealer since i drive past it often i figured i would drop in. i fell in love with a VTX1800N, it's discounted to $9995 i guess overstock 09 could even be an 08 i didn't think to look until i left. i like my harley but jesus i can't even get an iron 883 for that price OTD and the VTX 1800 is four times the bike...

i'm sure there's tons in this forum but i'll gear this question towards anyone with experience of both harley's and honda's. how does this bike stack up to a softail or even a dyna. for the price of the new VTX i would be lucky to get a 10 year old dyna with 20,000 miles on it.

the dealer only had one in yellow and one with red flames and i'm pretty adamant about plain black, he's calling another dealer to see if they have one on a similar deal
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Well, I've got an 02 vtx1800r, and am completely in love with it. There are so many available mods/add ons that you can do, you'll never get bored. As far as quality, well, it's a Honda. There really isn't any more to say about it. Here is the list of what I didn't like about my previous Harleys:
1. Air cooled - here in Florida, that just isn't the best idea.
2. Poor performance. I'm not talking about the guys that go out and buy an S&S motor, change out tranny's, etc. I'm talking about take her home and open her up performance. The VTX will take any Harley that I've owned in the past (4 of them) and most current production harley's except for the vrod. (modified the 1800 probably can, but definately not stock, but that's another story)
3. Price. I never did get over the fact that the harleys are so damned expensive.

Here's the list of what I don't like about my VTX:
1. Sound. I've got her sounding pretty good, but since it doesn't have a single push-rod type engine, it will NEVER sound like a Harley. Yoy can make the 1300 sound like a harley, but not the 1800.
2. Weight. The 1800 is a pig. Not that the Harley's that I've had werent, but she is a big girl.
3. The Seat is Chit! Make the dealer throw in a new seat if you decide to get it. I don't know anybody who didn't buy a new seat within a month or 2 of buying a vtx.

That said, if I were shopping for a new bike, I'd buy the VTX. In my opinion, the VTX is a better bike regardless of the money. Check out the VTX cafe website, they are pretty good guys/gals and will help you out a lot. Hope that helps.
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