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Hey guys,
My bike has a D&D Carbon Pipe on it.. Recently some of the rivets broke cause the bike fell over and knocked the pipe. The sliders saved everything else.. The pipe also was due for a repack. So I took the opportunity to do a bit of a modification on it.. I shortened the length of the pipe by about 20cm or 8 inches (visual guess) The process wasnt that difficult except for drilling out the stainless rivets, which dulled 3 drill bits on me.

I like how it turned out and how it sounds!
Riding around without any pipe at all was fun, and it sounded great but I risked a huge ticket if I had been pulled over.. so Im glad I got the pipe back on

The process took me one day including going to an exhaust shop and getting them to use their chop saw to cut down the pipe for a uniform straight cut.

Tools used. 13mm Socket for removal of hangar.
12mm socket for removal of exhaust can from connector pipe.
Variable Speed Drill and 3 high speed steel bits
Rivet Gun and Rivets (used aluminum ones as replacements)
Borrowed Chop Saw
Dremel with Polishing Wheel and Polishing Compound
Rubber Mallet (to tap the end back in)

here is the vid

YouTube - CBR 900 RR - Exhaust Can Modification - Shorty The Can
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