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Looking at possibly getting an upgraded seat for the 929rr but wanted to know who makes the most comfortable.

Looking at:

CORBIN: Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Honda CBR 929 RR | 800-538-7035
SARGENT: World Sport Performance Seat for the CBR 929

I called this company and they require that you send in your seat for them to build off of. These look like the most comfortable. Again just wondering if anyone has any experience with these companies.

DAY LONG: Custom Motorcycle Seats and Touring Saddles - "Day-Long" Touring Saddles and Motorcycle Seats by Russell Cycle Products
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Corbin all the way. As was mentioned above it has more of a scoop to the form so sliding around the seat is difficult/uncomfortable. So keep the stock if your going to track the bike. I take my Blade on long (2 week) road trips and this was one of the best investments I could make (and my butt thinks so too)
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