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i'm trying to fit a datatool s4 alarm system in a 1995 sc 28 fireblade. i would assume someone fitted one of these themselves, so any advice is appreciated.

the folllowing wires need to be attached:
1) 12 volt main positive supply
2) ground
3) starter cut
4) engine cut
5) 12 volt positive ignition switched supply
6) indicator connections

any comments on the suggested locations below is appreciated.
ad 1) fan motor fuse is suggested for 12 volt main positive supply (are there alternatives on the sc28)
ad 2) somewhere in the loom
ad 3) between starter button and starter relay
ad 4)between side stand switch or kill switch and relay (probably use side stand
ad 5) don't know. i was thinking about the brakelight wire, but would like to find an alternative. which wires are run critical (fuel pump or...?)
ad 6) speak for themselves, not an issue unless for the sc28 it is necessary to put in a diode.

i found the electrical diagram on this website. the datatool s4 manual suggest to not take 12 volt from the battery directly. not sure why that is the case, because without power to the s4 unit the engine cut and starter cut does not come together i would think.
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