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Hello All. I'm new to the forums... I've been lurking.

On Friday around 2pm myself and another rider left from Toronto, ON for Deal's Gap located in Tapoco, NC. On Saturday morning around 8am we pulled in to the motorcycle resort. (1400 kilometers or 870 miles) We checked into the motel, slept for 4 hours, then hit the roads.

Roads.... lol... I mean roads. Awsome roads! Sweeper after sweeper, twist after twist.... Then you have the Gap itself.... 318 turns in 11 miles. Left knee drag, right knee drag... And if you make a mistake.... its a wall, tree or cliff for you!

It is impossible to explain, you must experience it!!

Now you still have to watch out for the local law enforcement... the troopers are all around. On Sunday I went down the hill and passed a trooper pulling people over... on the way up I buzzed by in a right knee dragger... I could hear the cheers.

Anyways... I made it home safe and sound. My best time for the entire Gap was around 13.5 minutes... I hear 11 minutes is tops.
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