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In the local paper today..... :rotfl:
Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Clark Co. man sentenced for receiving goods

A Clark County man driving a stolen Mercedes-Benz said he took a wrong turn and ended up in Bartholomew County, where he was arrested after stealing gasoline that stalled the diesel-powered car.

Grant Corbett, 20, was sentenced Monday to four months in prison for receiving stolen auto parts, a Class D felony.

Corbett’s sentence came after he pleaded guilty and admitted to mistakes and misjudgments on Aug. 23.

According to the probable-cause affidavit, Corbett told police he and another man stole the Mercedes from a motel in Clarksville and drove it to Clark County Jail where they were picking up an acquaintance who was being released.

Although the men were on their way to Poseyville, west of Evansville, Corbett told police they drove the wrong direction and stopped at a gas station in southwestern Bartholomew County, about 50 miles north of Clark County Jail.

Not knowing that the car used diesel, the men pumped unleaded gasoline into the tank.

A clerk at the gas station told police that after pumping the gas, the men were unable to get the car started and abandoned it. The men also did not pay for the gas.

Corbett testified in Bartholomew Circuit Court Monday that he was driving the Mercedes, but a man he was with stole the car.

He also told the judge that he and the other men did not have any money to pay for gas and that he met the men the day before the car was stolen.

Judge Stephen Heimann sentenced Corbett to 18 months in prison, but suspended 14 months that Corbett will spend on probation.

With credit for time served in Bartholomew County Jail, Corbett had 20 days to serve to complete his sentence.

Corbett’s co-defendants, Joseph Fleener and Dennis Wingo, both of Jeffersonville, also face charges of theft and receiving stolen auto parts, both Class D felonies.
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