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I got this off of Honda Riders Club Of America website.  It is suppose to air this June.

Discovery Channel Discovers Honda's Road Race Team  5/22/2003  

The Discovery Channel is well known for its excellent and informative programs. But it's not exactly the channel you'd select to check out motorcycle racing.

Well, this June, a new Discovery channel, Discovery Digital, will be airing four shows about motorcycling, and the first installment features 'Friends' star Matt LeBlanc in a behind-the-scenes look at AMA National road racing as he hangs out with Honda road racers Nicky Hayden (current AMA Superbike champion), Miguel Duhamel (former Superbike champion, and holder of five AMA Supersport titles) and Ben Bostrom (former Superbike champion).

And be aware that this is not just another Hollywood star hosting a show about which they know naught; LeBlanc is a real riding enthusiast. He got his first motorcycle at the age of 8, and had a brief stint as an amateur racer while entertaining notions about turning pro. But his mother objected and turned LeBlanc's energies elsewhere.

Still, 'Friends'' Joey has remained an active rider ever since. Described as a diehard enthusiast, LeBlanc owns more than 10 motorcycles, both street and off-road, and attends road race, Supercross and motocross events as a spectator.

For this episode, directed by two-time Emmy-winner Michael Lembeck, LeBlanc spent two days at Honda's test session earlier in the year at California Speedway in Fontana, California. Nicky Hayden showed up specifically to give LeBlanc the inside scoop on testing and training. Nicky also gave him a tour of Honda's team truck and helped out with walk-arounds of the race bikes. Plus, LeBlanc spent time talking with Duhamel and Bostrom as well about the many insider details race fans never get to see.

Airtime for the Honda/LeBlanc show has not yet been determined, but the inside scoop we got from the Discovery Channel is to expect it sometime in June. Don't miss it, because it'll be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about the sport through the eyes of Team Honda's champions.
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