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Purchased a couple sets of HID's from DDM Tuning and thought I'd write a quick article about the steps involved.

Link to HID's (I'm linking the kit simply because the shop delivered a quality product and it's what the article is based on...I have no financial ties to them besides the loss of funds for kit purchase)

You will need to change the bulb type to H7. I would also recommend selecting 55W under Wattage and then 6k-8k for color. They say that 55W looks a bit washed out due to how intense the light is...this didn't appear to be the case for me so if you want the absolute best visibility then 6k is what most recommend!

First off some comparison so that you can see the working setup with 8k bulbs still has the blue tint of 8k that I didn't really want, but got based on the website.


ONE - Remove factory wiring harness connector
TWO - Remove the Rubber Cover
THREE - Unclip bulb and remove


This is the bulb/harness as it's shipped to you. First thing you need to do here is completely remove the rubber grommet that you see in the middle (It's used in car headlight housings to help it seal and isn't used on our bikes).

What is should look like with grommet off...(no pics but after this is done I took electrical tape and taped all the wiring


This is something that I feel is particularly important! Taping of the HID power wires to the factory plug. There really can't be too much tape here. Honda didn't need to cover the wiring at the plug as there isn't really a chance of it shorting out. Now that it's not plugged into the bulb that is an option if it ever gets loose.

Steps I took....
1. Test voltage on factory wires so that you 100% have correct +/- (solid black was ground on mine for all three bulbs).
2. Insert HID power wires and then bend them straight back so that the wires all come out of the plug at the back. This is so that if there is ever any pull on the wires they are less likely to pull out of the sockets.
3. Tape the S*** out of them!!!


Here is the spacer as it's shipped from DDM which won't work in the housing of our bike....

Here is the spacer after it's been modified. I just used on snips and trimmed off everything but the circle spacers and one of the squared tabs (the one you leave needs the length cut to roughly 50% as it's too long from DDM). You can test your trimming in the housing (without messing with the bulb) but you need to remember that it does have a gap (to slip HID wires through) and will compress so if you have to force it you need to trim a bit more.

This picture shows how the spacer should look installed on the HID bulbs wires.


Installed bulb with Rubber Cover installed.

Install the bulb and put the bike back together. I was able to hide the HID ballast inside of the fairings (behind the turn signal wiring).

With the ballast you will need to use double sided tape/velcro/zip tie....just some means of securing the ballast inside the faring! I was able to hide the low beam and drivers side high beam inside of the driver side fairing and then the passenger side high beam in the passenger side fairing.

This is a very easy install and I'm quite pleased with the additional light output. If I had to do this again I would simply purchase a 6k bulb instead of the 8k, but I'm fine with the light output of the 8k so won't be doing that anytime soon.

I'm fairly new here so if this helped you, eased your mind about an HID install or you simply just liked this DIY then give me some rep. I tried to take ample pictures and included what I thought would be helpful!

Lastly I've included a couple of images of the stock bulb with the stock spacer attached and then another with the spacer disconnected and have seen a couple of post where people didn't realize that there was a separate part there so I figured while I was in there I'd get the pics and post them up so people could reference them!

PS Don't ever touch a headlight bulb with your fingers the oils will cause a hot spot and can burst the bulb (so I hear). So leave your fingers on the wires coming off the bulb.


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