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Do not buy from Motorcycle Pro shop

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For anybody out there that orders m/c parts online you may want to steer away from this buisness. I ordered 1 Michelin Pilot Power 2ct to fit the rear of my 2007 Honda CBR600RR from motorcycle proshop out of Sacramento California at the end of October. i did receive the tire in timely manner however I traded my CBR in for a V-Rod 2 days before recieving the tire. I then contacted Motorcycle proshop for a approval return and it took over two weeks to obtain a return number. Once that was done I shipped the tire back to them on November 10,2009 and notified by UPS the Motorcycle Proshop received the tire on November 16,2009. The company policy states that it can take up to 2 weeks for reimbursment however I am going on 1 month. I have sent several E-Mails to this company, made several phonecalls and left messages with no response. If there is anyone at this forum that works for motorcycle proshop and wants to handle this matter the sales order# is 67175 and the approval return # is 102609. I am going to post this on other forums before the night is up and file a complaint with the better buisness bureau. So for anyone looking for m/c parts please shop elsewhere.
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Hey did you settle this? I tried to buy from their website but I can't get past the checkout screen. Maybe they've shut up shop:crap:
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