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Hi Team,

I own a 2013 cbr1000rr Fireblade which is running on a two brothers Slipon ,Since the Stock muffles has integrated catalytic convertor in it getting rid of also means getting rid of CatCon this means it becomes a free flow that means the headers linkPipe and Slipon also I have coupled this with a Performance Knn airfilter.

So my question is do i need a PC5 for the above mentioned setup or is it good to go without it.
I have got mixed reviews where some say stock bike comes already lean from factory due to emission norms and adding a airfilter and slipon makes it even leaner that has to be corrected through a PC5 or else in the long run it will affect the engine.

while others say u need a PC5 only full systems because the stock ECU are intelligent enough to handle this minor change.

Please help me on this.

thanks in advance.
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