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I recently got a CBR900 97.
But something feels wrong to me. When accelerating it gives a clunk.
Example: If i engine brake and then start to accelerate, i get a normal feeling of the chain and transmission tightening up. Can give a slight clunk feel if im agressive with the throttle at this point, but nothing unusual.

Then at around the 4000rpm when starts it pulling a bit more, and with just moderate acceleration. It gives off a more distinct clunk. Can be felt through the handlebars. Like something moves or tightens up. This worries me a bit.
Chain and transmission should be free of slack at this point with constant acceleration?
Not specific to 1st gear.

Engine is not missing any bolts, and feels tight. Sprockets and chain are new, all wheel bearings are new.
I could´t feel anything off with the swingarm bearings when i had the wheel and shock off the bike.
The rear shock spring have been replaced.

The bike feels stable and fine, engine has no weird sounds or feels besides the clunk.

My thoughts are that it could be swingarm related, or
possibly full extension of the rear shock when accelerating?
Maybe a weird clutch issue?

Any suggestions.
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