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I've not been on this yamaha forum, i've been hanging around in fireblade forum.

I've got an RD350LCII i've just started to rebuild after years(18) of hanging around in bits. It was my first fast bike and I'm looking forward to doing it.

My question is; Has anyone got or had a DT200, particularly if you've had it apart. I'm interested in relining a couple of ypvs barrels with ally liners, nikasil plated with DT 200 pistons, but I need to know some dimensions. They are 66mm bore and have the same size little end as the ypvs, I need to knowthe ring peg position and the pin to crown dimension, and overall height and at what age the DT went crankcase inducted as I need the older barrel induction one for the windows in the back of the piston.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, anyone from Greece, Brazil, Australia or New Zealand???
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