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Conq's thread reminded me of one e-mail thing I did that had the whole plant in hysterics.

I woke up one morning a couple of years ago and the wife was in the spare bed. This normally happened when I had gas, or was snoring, or something. She had done a 3 hour multiple choice test for work the night before with over 300 questions on it and she was sputtering about " :pissed2: :pissed: :banghead: :bonk: :rant: multiple Choice tests". I had had a good rest that night and was in a real strange mood at work at 6:00 the next morning laughing about how bent out of shape she was, so I typed out an e-mail with this on it with the intention of sending it to her work:

Subject: Multiple Choice Question du Jour

(I knew that would light her up right away)

Was I:

  • Snoring
  • Farting
  • Grinding my teeth
  • All of the above.
So I click on the Address Book in Outlook and go to my personal book. I scroll down to "Marina, work" and double-clicked on it (at least, I thought I did) and clicked send.

About 10:00 I was suprised I hadn't heard from her and gotten blasted. A couple of minutes later I got a reply to that e-mail from the Production Manager wanting to know why I was filling her in-box with this crap.

Well, you should have seen my eyes. I checked the sent message, and it was addressed to a distributiuon list entitled "Maintenance Schedule Distribution List". I had inadvertently sent it to:
  1. The Plant Manager
  2. The Maintenance manager
  3. The Production Manager
  4. The Maintenance Engineer
  5. The Maintenance Reliability Dude
  6. Both Maintenance Supervisors
  7. The whole Safety Department
  8. The Production General Foreman
  9. The 4 Production Supervisors
  10. The Process Engineering Manager and his wholeDepartment
After I picked my lower jaw off the floor, I tried to recall the message. (After 4 hours, that was a joke.)

Just about everyone had read the e-mail by now and they had all though I had lost it. The only one who had the balls to reply was the Production Manager.

Remember the saying about be careful with what you put in an e-mail??

Well, it's true.

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TGZ13 said:
BTW what did the manager who replied say?
Like I said, at first she asked why I was filling her in-box with that crap. Then when I told her the story behind it, she almost wet her pants 'cause she knows quite well how often my practical jokes back up on me.
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