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Okay, parts finally got in off of back order.  Got them installed on saturday and took it for a short ride on sunday.

[All done on a scale of 1-10, 1 being suckage, 10 being built by God]

Packaging: 9
Comes neatly boxed, even has a cary handle.  All parts big parts are bubble wrapped.  Small parts are all kept in a box, in the box, and are in a plastic bag.

I know it seems odd to talk about this part but, to me, this is important.  They took the time to package the parts in a way that keeps them from getting damaged or mixed up.  The only thing that would have made this better would be some die-cut foam to keep parts from shifting.

Instructions: 7
Okay, this isn't rocket science but the only instructions are a tech-blow up.  All parts are shown, along with how they are laid out.  But there are no real instructions.  They don't mention where their parts bolt to the bike or anything.

Sounds like it should be lower but, compaired to a lot of instructions I've gotten for bike parts (especially for undertails and such) these are gold.  The image is very clear, all parts are marked and it's very easy to see how it goes together.

Parts: 9
Okay, this rocked.  You get the needed parts (pipe, mid-pipe, collector, etc) but they also give you the option of pegs or no pegs.  So you don't have to make some odd extension for your pegs, it comes with the odd parts.

The parts all look very nice, everything that needs to be shiney is.  The only thing I didn't like was the actual mount for the can.  It didn't come with any shrink wrap so it had gotten a small scratch on it.  Nothing big but this keeps it from being perfect.

Fit: 9
Went on like a dream.  The only issue I had was one of the mounting points wasn't lined up perfect.  So the mount underneath the engine couldn't be used.  There is also a flang that looks like it may be rubbing the bottom of the engine.  I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Other then that, it went on perfect.  Everything fits right in place and, after a minor leak, it sealed up well.

Apearance: 10
Sorry, some may not agree with this but...Damn.  It looks tits on the bike and was done so well that it should have come on there stock.

The CF used in the can is BETTER then that on the DevilBikes kits.  Not cutting on the DB stuff, I love their stuff, but when you run your finger over a DB pipe you can feel the lines from the CF.  Not so on this one.  It feels just as smooth as a Micron.  

The fit was also better.  As there are no cut lines, like on the DB 1/2 system, there is only one clamp, down low, and it isn't anywhere near the plastic.  So no worries about the clamp rubbing.

Last on the compair/contrast with the DB pipes (in this case a shotgun setup), it sits a lot higher.  The bottom of my can sits about where the middle of the top shotgun can sits.  Mine is also tucked in a lot closer.

Another great part was the mid-pipe, no wields!  I've seen a few other highmount systems for our bikes that had really, really, ugly mid-pipes.  This one is smooth, shiny and even has a spot for the CA spec O2 sensor.  Which, if you aren't using, you have a copper/gold bolt to put in, that looks nice too.

Over all: 8
Is an average score.  Honestly I think this could be one of the best pipes for our bikes.  It fits great, looks great and is easy to install.  You won't get big power gains from it (though I can feel more of a 'punch' around 5k then I did before) but as far as looks it's great.  There are a few, small, issues though that keep it from being perfection made of metal and CF.

Oh, before I forget, the whole kit ran me around $500.  About as much as a Hindle full system, yes.  But I didn't need a PC3 so I did save some money.  Also, since I didn't have to worry about re-seating the headers, I had no problems doing it myself.  The install shouldn't take more then an hour or two and is well worth it.  

[Edit: Typo's]

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ER : That's the biggest chicken-strip I've seen on a back-tire in a while now...
Yea yea, I live in southern georgia. Clostest thing we have to a sweeper is an off ramp.
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