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Hey guys,

long time lurker here.
Thanks to this forum i diagnosed a faulty fuel pressure regulator on my CBR 929.

After a few weeks of not riding it, i went to the garage, tried to start it and the starter didn't turn over. Of course, the first things that came to mind were: starter relais, faulty battery, corroded terminals.. Only then i realised that it could be a locked up motor.
Pulled the FPR vacuum hose and gas poured out.
Engine oil level is higher than normal and smells like gas. Thus there must have been a huge amout of leaked fuel, which leads me to believe that the engine hydrolocked and that's the reason why it didn't turn over (didn't pull the plugs yet).

The thing that bugs me:
Did i do any damage to the conrod or anything else by trying to start the motor? Any experience with this situation?

Kind regards
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