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Ermax Undertray for 2008rr

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Anyone here got the ermax undertray on their 2008 onwards blade. Been on their website-the pic of it looks really nice and sleek. Just wanted to know what the fit was like and the ease of fitting the unit. Seen it advertised for £140 odd quid which dont seem too bad. Any feedback would be much appreciated. :cheers:
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This is probably way out of date but I've had an ermax undertray on my 08 blade and it looks awsome, it is fairly well made and has led side indicators however I did also fit an integraged tail light as the under tray ones are extremely discrete. The tail end is a real pain to dismantle I would advise refering to the manual for guidance but its definately worth the effort.
thanks quickblade, how was the install/ do you have to cut the stock holder( like a hotbodies)?
Standard installation shouldn't require any cutting. But as Quickblade mentioned removing the rear cowl is a nervous moment.
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