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Ermax Undertray for 2008rr

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Anyone here got the ermax undertray on their 2008 onwards blade. Been on their website-the pic of it looks really nice and sleek. Just wanted to know what the fit was like and the ease of fitting the unit. Seen it advertised for £140 odd quid which dont seem too bad. Any feedback would be much appreciated. :cheers:
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wow, another under tail , lol. i have been waiting to purchase till i find the
one i like best, so what is the web site ?
thanks quickblade, how was the install/ do you have to cut the stock holder( like a hotbodies)?
that will work. thinking about ( after i get the under tail ) getting the leo vince gp evo II for my next mod.but then i have been a yosh customer for past 3 bikes.( the r-77 ).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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