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Last nigth: Well, Hmmm....... When I got home from work today my new Eurobikes undertail was waiting for me at the doorstep. I was following the instruction and everything was going well until it came time to mount the undertail. The instructions state some cutting will be need for some aftermarket exhaust systems, ok then, I noted that at the front of the undertail (part closest to the front of the bike) needed to be cut to make room for the mid pipe, so I did. After making that cut I went to mount the undertail again and discovered I would have to make a cut around when the license plate light is to make room for the exhaust can. I thought if I cut just enough so the base of the can (can to mid pipe part) will be able to stick out from the undertail everything else will line up. So for the third time I went to mount the undertail and guess what, I discovered that the whole right side, turn signal and all will have to be cut off to make this under tail fit the bike/exhaust!! :evil: At this point I’m like WTF Eurobikes told me, over the phone, that this undertail will fit my bike with an Arata Exhaust System!

So tomorrow I have to call Eurobikes and find out is I can get a refund for this cut up undertail.

Sorry if some of you can’t understand what I wrote, I’m a little pissed off right now. :evil:


Today: I just got off the phone with the owner Manny, great guy. He is going to send me the new undertail they are making to fit the Arata/Arka/ & duel pipe systems free of charge.

But a little FYI: I first talked with my salesmen Scott, he gave me the song and dance "You cut the undertail, I can't refund you," "I don't remember talking to you" and he lied to me about asking what system I had on my bike. I remember clear as day telling him I had the Arata system on my bike and him telling me it would fit. He also refused to admit that he had never made a mistake on a customer's order, BS. I pointed out to him that no where on their web site dose it state the undertail will not fit the Arata system and no where on the invoice dose it say what exhaust system I have and what systems the undertail will not fit. I also pointed out to him in the instruction it states "Some cutting is required to make this undertail fit some aftermarket system." After all of that the little f*cker hangs up on me, WTF, but of course I called back and asked for the owner. So once again Manny was great about the whole thing, very customer service geared.

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