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Whats up selling some of my F2 parts stock so im going to post up part,price and some details of the part..if you want some thing post or pm me and ill send you pics of the part and tell you more about could also email me [email protected] same goes for if any one has any questions..all parts will be coming from N.J.. as for payment I would prefer paypal.. I will keep this list updated and will be adding things in time..all prices does not include shipping..

92 front forks..they will work on 91/98 f2/f3.. they came off my bike and im selling them because I put a 94 front end on it.. they are perfect ..only 10k on them..$100.00 +shipping

92 rear shock.. great shape. 70.00 obo + shipping
91/94 dash.. speedo/tac/temp.. odom has 21k showing.. dash cover has a few small nics in it.. 80.00 obo +shipping
91/94 dash cover only.. its in great shape but lower right hand side has alittle chip in it. 25.00 obo+shipping
91/94 sunstar over sized rotors with caliper mounts..they have 5k street miles on them and were just cleaned up.. 75.00 obo +shipping
((new)) 91/98 f2/f3 hindle header.. its only been on my bike for 10 min..i did like the high pitch sound of it so I got a 2 brothers.. only a month old.. 165.00 obo+shipping

18 inch hindle ti muffler with race baffle 125.00 obo +shipping
91/94 front fork sliders.. 10k on them and are in great shape 60.00 obo +shipping
91/98 f2/f3 race tech 9.0 springs 6k street miles on them .. spacers included 75.00 obo
2 sets of frame sliders.. carbon fiber look alike with cbr on them.. 1 set is 3 inch and 2nd is 4 inch 20.00 a set obo+shipping
2nd look tank bra in great shape black and purple in color 25.00+shipping
Lockhart speed screen neon pink.. looks good with the 91/92 paint ..great shape 25.00 obo+shipping
Front set of braded lines..not sure make but they are in great shape..comes with all hardware..40.00 obo+shipping..

2nd look tank bra purple/black in mint cond, 25.00+shipping
Oem clear wind screen. Great shape, 25.00+shipping
Lockhart speed screen neon pink in great shape 25.00+ shipping

thanks for looking..

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