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Hey all.. just registered here but I'm a regular over on I see Adam comes here as well...

anyway.. had a question that I posted over at but that place is pretty dead and useless..

So.. I'm doing a cbr f2 cafe-fighter project and I'm looking to get some 600rr/1000rr usds in the future BUT!, I want to keep my 6-spoke rim in the front and back... so my question is..

I know I'll need an F3 front rim to accept the bigger rotors... now.. if I get the 600rr front end, minus the rim.. does the f3 and 600rr rotors have the same mounting pattern..?

Would it be possible to use all all the 600rr parts minus the rim and, barring some spacers here and there to get everything lined up...( I know the 600rr rotors are a little thicker) would it work..?


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