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f3 wont stay on in gear need help

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Hi im new here i have a 95 f3 and it wont stay on once i pop it in gear.this started when i replaced the wire harness with a new one because my regulator went bad and was killing my battery and burned a still ran before swapped the harness but now it shuts off when i put it in gear.i even tried the old harness and nothing.i have 2 of everything including a motor so i swapped everything that i could think of.this has happend before when i burned the ecu while welding on it on accident with the battery hooked up so is it the ecu?i dont have another is there anyway i can bypass this or whats turning it off?heres a pic of my bike.
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Its proberly the side stand that is making it cut out, first is the stand up when you put her in gear ? if it is it might be a connection for the stand at fault , it might be telling the ecu the stand is down. I would look to by passing it ...
cool thanks ill look into that.ya its weird it goes in gear hard like the clutch is bad and almost wants to take off but shuts off.tried it with the stand up and do i need a diagram to figure out how to bypass this wire or is it pretty straight foward?
just looked and the wire for my stand is gone idk where it can i bypass this wire?it might be on my old harness so most likely this is my problem im stoked was worried that it was the ecu im one step closer to getting back on the streets already went one day without my bike and right now its my only wheels it sucks.
Are you sure the clutch isnt sticking....Try this first, lift the back wheel on a rear padock stand, then with the stand up, put her in gear if the wheel keeps spinning with clutch in, and the engine keeps running its a clutch problem, as for the side stand swith it will be a open or closed contact switch. ie when stand up it completes the circuit so it will run .
Just tried that still shuts off but it bangs in gear really hard and it feels like it wants to take off the tire doese a couple spins but ya it shuts off as soon as i put it in gear with the stand up and clutch still in.doesnt roll in gear tho so i dont feel like the clutch is stuck.
i cant find my wire for my stand its not hooked up to the switch dont know if i ever had it could not having that wire do this?so is this stand switch made so it dont take of with the stand down?ive taken off plenty of times with my stand still down so idk if it was ever hooked up.
bugger dont sound good, really sounds like clutch not working, lets start at the begining....pull clutch in and make sure the clutch arm moves fully, then spin wheel out of gear make sure that is ok, then put her in top gear and see if engine turns over when you turn the wheel by hand. You should be able to nock her into first gear with wheel off ground with out the clutch and she should turn and tick over. There has to be a reason for it, maybe when you replaced harness (a) caused a problem with side stand and (b) trapped the cable for the clutch. Will have a think and get back to you...good luck sorry not any more help.
Yes switch is to stop you riding off with stand down, fairly sure you should have one, maybe someone on here will know...
you been a great help thanks ya just ran out and tried what you said.i cant turn over the motor while in gear it sounds stuck but with the clutch in it rolls just my clutch is stuck?what caused this?how can i fix it now is my main concern.
now that i think about it i did take off the clutch cable because i lowered my forks and repainted my clutch handle assembly what did i do wrong when i put it back on?
If the bike has been stood up a while the plates could have stuck. you might just have to pull it apart and rebuild. cant garentee it will sort it but it sounds like that is the problem area. sorry but up insix hours for work, hope you get sorted will check when i get back from work. :thumb:
k cool ill get on it and see what i can do ill let you know how it goes.thanks alot!
she runs!!!:smilebig: .the kick stand wire was ripped out of the stand switch so i tried to figure out why it still ran with the stand down before all this mess well they must of had that wire bypass on the hold harness.just hooked up another switch that i had laying around since i have 2 of everything i got lucky.thanks alot man would of never known nothing about that kickstand switch.
Happy Days......Glad it was a simple get out and have a ride providing your weather is better than mine:smilierr:
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