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So after I get my new 12 on the rear to match the front 12, I go up to the parking lot to scrub the new tire, doing figure eights.

I had just read an article in BMWOA about M/C cops training for tight turns. So I tried to remember to look as sharply into the turn as I could to see if I could reduce my figure eights and turn tighter.

Well into this exersize, I realize that my left arm is getting tired. I notice that I am leaning on it heavily while turning left. But I am never leaning on my right arm turning right. I always turn better left, especially at higher speeds like twisty roads. Then I started trying to focus on what was really the cause of this phenomenon, and I really came up with only two reasons. One is the control / use of the throttle and the other is the chain drive side of the bike is affecting my turns somehow. Or possibly third, just bad riding habits that I cant seem to break. No matter what I did, leaning on the left arm 'felt' right but not vise versa.

I know most people have favored turn sides, and most people turn better left. We've had discussions about this before, but I dont remember being satisfied with any of the rationale for it.

(You can REALLY turn sharper if you LOOK almost over your shoulder and try turn to into the 'look' of where you want to go. I know this is well known but its worth mentioning.)
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