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fi light, need help

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Hey everyone, I have a weird situation with my bike. When I turn the key on, fuel pump primes and the fi light blinks steadily. when I start the bike it does the same thing. thought maybe it was flashing a code, but its just a steady blink. When i put the bike in gear and take off, the light stays on. the light stays on the whole time its running after that, and when i start the bike later the cycle repeats itself. any ideas how i can check this out and figure out whats going on? my bike has the flapper mod and pair mod im told, though I do not know what either one of those are... bike is an 02 rc51, no other mods that i know of. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

edit: i just replaced the map sensor today as the previous owner said it was bad. the light still comes on. he said something about resetting the computer... any ideas?
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if you want to reset the ecm...take notes my friend...
find the lil green connector near the ecm (not connected to anything, 2 wire green connector(service check Connector)), grab you a lil piece of wire, and short that connector (put one end of the wire in one hole of the connector, and same for other end of wire), turn the ignition switch on, once you do this take one end (wire) out of the connector
the FI light will turn on for about 5 seconds,while the light is on and before the lights goes off, short it again(put the wire back in the connector).the light will turn off and then start blinking again. be sure you short it while the light turns on(before those 5 seconds are over), if not it will not work.
i have done this before and it actually worked!! i had to do this a couple of times, you will know this didnt work if the lights flashes 20 times after you have finished.

i got this from the manual and got a little help here on the org (if anyone sees i said anything wrong please correct me, as my intentions are only to help out our friend chrys)keep us posted !!:rolleyes:
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jrivas, thanks so much for the info. my buddy i got the bike from explained how he thought that procedure went, but when i tried it it didnt work. i will try your method and let you know what I find! it would be great to finally get that light to stay off, it doesnt seem to be affecting the performance any, but its bothersome nonetheless.
i hear you chrys.............hope it works out for you
Chrys, as the man says, it will reset the light if it was a problem that has now gone away, afraid to say its proberly the exhaust servo thats ripped the centre gear out. Locate the servo left side under tank with hand, its round with three cables comming from it, place hand on it when you turn ignition on it should turn if it doesnt then you will need to strip it down and make sure its ok, they are prone to failing when the exhaust valve sticks.
good point, thats what you get for not reading all ithe my bad !
so the servo you are talking about is something I dont have right? off to do the reset procedure, will be back shortly with the results!
ok so i dont think it worked. i shorted the plug, turned the key on, engine off. wait for the light to blink a couple times then pull one side out of the plug, and then plug it right back in after a couple seconds, light goes off, then goes into a fast flash until i turn the key back off. I tried waiting longer, shorter, hurried up and turned the key off after putting the wire back in the plug, and still nothing. any idea whether i can flash trouble codes?
no i dont. the guy i got the bike from gave me a 200+ page manual on a cd, but it doesnt work for some reason.
awesome! thanks jrivas!
roger that!!
ok I downloaded the manual, went through the section about reading the codes. the mil seems to be doing a long flash, off, long flash, off, the whole time the bike is idling. i can take a video if need be and post it up... i tried the reset procedure a few times last night, and after i do it starts a fast flashing sequence until i shut the key off.
if its like the 929/954, a long flash = 10 blinks which could be an error code.
yeah i read that somewhere, but it will do it forever if i just let it sit and idle.
right, it just repeats the code. unforuntately there is no code 10 on the 929/954
strange thing is, i dont see in the manual where it talks about long blinks vs. short blinks. is it like the other bikes where a long blink is a 10 and short blinks are a 1?
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