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Another question, I want to make sure my blade has had the steering update for the common '02 problem, the previous owner told it had been updated, but I want to make sure.

I found the original PDF which indicates what has to be done to complete the update. They also mention a "punch mark" on the left of the VIN, like this:

° [X] JH2SCP ...

(° = the punch mark, you can see this here : on page 3)

On my VIN it seems that there are 2 marks:

° [X] JH2SCP ... °

But they are not 'punched', its no a little hole, its a bit extending (both marks are) . So I'm thinking it are the two fitting points to hold the VIN tag to the frame....

So what I would like to know is, if you have a updated '02 (which normally everyone has) how is your VIN looking ? ... Do you guys have 2 marks on the left perhaps ? (the first mark being the extending one to hold the vin, like the right one, and the second mark on the left being the punched mark...?)

Thanks !


I had a better look and when you are in front of the bike you have a mounted metal plate on the right (I supose that is the VIN ?) on the left you also have the serial number punched into the frame ([X] S/N [X]) on the right the extending things are indeed mounting points for holding the tag to the frame. So it seems I do not have such punched mark , neuther on the left or the right. The bike is a europeen bike tough (maybe they dont make these marks ?) . Is there any other way I can tell if the updated has been performed ?
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