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Hello to the forum, this is my first post here :)

I have a kitcar powered by a Fireblade 919 engine and I'm hoping someone can help identify a rattling noise..

I have attached 3 youtube vid links at the bottom of the post.

While on the road the car was pretty quiet while under power, but as soon as I let the throttle off or coasted the noise resembled a steel bucket with nuts and bolts shaking around inside. I could also feel vibration through the car. Power on again and everything smoothed out :confused:

At first I thought it was the propshaft and driveshafts so had them rebuilt and upgraded, although everything was quieter after fitting, the fundamental rattling noise still persisted. I figured then it must be the rear diff so had that rebuilt, the noise still persisted. So convinced was I that the noise was coming from the back of the car, I asked the diff rebuild company to supply a replacement diff. This they did, but guess what? The noise was still there

The prop rebuild company suggested that I should disconnect the prop from the engine and see if it was the engine making the noise because they have had cases like mine where a sound can travel down the prop, and in my case, also into the car chassis through the prop mounts, this I did and sure enough, I can hear the noise within the engine behind the prop adaptor.

My questions are, can anyone help identify the noise in the videos and possibly confirm that the play on the output shaft while in gear is within spec. It seems quite a lot to me.

Thanks in advance, any help will be truly appreciated.

Link one Noise at rear of car

Link two Noise from engine

Link three Play on output shaft
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