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I had a blast shooting off mortars, rockets m-80s and other stuff.

These were really great packs if you see them, I recomend em. Everyone clapped after they went off! I also liked something called a coconut. Looked very pretty with lots of different effects.

I set off 1000 firecrackers with a sparkler and had to re-lite the string twice when it blew the remaining firecrackers off the fuse line:) .

I was really disapointed in the m-80s this year. They were less powerful than the firecrackers:( Someone probably lost an arm :huh: I have not bought those in many years but they used to be VERY powerful! :D

We also got to shoot some interesting guns. I walked a coke can across the field with a carbon 15. Got some neat video of it emtying a 30rd clip. Muzzle flash galore :smilebig:

Hope everyone else had fun and remembered why we were celebrating. To all the Vets and service people out there, a great big thanks! :patriot:
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