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Ok, so I've had my bike about 9 months and I've put quite a few miles on it since I bought it. I'm having some starting issues and am in need of a new chain, so I'm going to do it all at once (new chain/sprocket, new spark plugs, oil change).

My question is, other than the obvious (chain, sprocket, spark plugs, oil and filter), is there anything else I'll need to get this all done? I know in cars you have to get new wires as well, is this true for bikes?

Also, do I need to get both a front and rear sprocket? The rear sprocket doesn't look too bad, but of course I can't see the front.

I'm told by someone who deals with them a lot, that I have a 530 chain on my bike. Is this stock or did the previous owner put that on for some reason?

I appreciate all the help, thanks!

FYI, I have a 96 CBR900RR, at right about 18,000 miles.
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