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Hi all!

Im making a new thread for future HISS fellows troubleshooting their bikes.
So the deal is: I bought this 2002 954rr (turbod) from a guy who trashed the engine abusing it over the limit.
He then rebuilded the engine from a donor bike. Whole upstairs was replaced leaving the bottom end original.
(valve had hitted piston when camchain tensioner(?) broke.
Long story short: He couldn't get the bike start after the rebuild due to a missing spark and then sold it for me cheap.

I've been troubleshooting this machine now a week and it starts to look like the ecm, or atleast cdi unit of it has been burned.
Im getting straight 12-13 volts from battery to the coils but once I crank it no secondary voltage is seen. Should be around 100v:ish what i've read on the repair manual.

I have checked both the cam sensor and crankshaft sensor and they give approx 0.8-1.4 volts when cranking. And give that same voltage to ecm (back probed)
Replacing them both tomorrow with spare parts to be sure.

Only thing i'm now unsure of is this infamous "pink wire" with zener diode which seems to be bothering us version bikes.
In european version we don't have the pink wire coming from ignition but from HISS system.
Im getting voltage readings from it like 0.4v when power is on and 2-3v when cranking.

Could some friendly soul who has a running bike with HISS system check this voltage for me?
Is it supposed to be around that figure?
I've been readin that in us bikes it requires 9v from the pink wire to ignite the spark. But i'm flabbergasted now.

Bike operates just fine otherwise. Fuel pump primes, so it's not the bank sensor. gauges work. sidestand, neutral and clutch switches work fine and have continuity to the ecm. clutch diode checked good.
It just seems to be lacking the 100v power from coils. I checked wires from coils to ecm and they all have continuity!

I guess next thing is to replace the whole ecm with ignition and HISS sensor and keys :thumbd:

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Re: HISS Pink wire voltage? No spark on 954rr


I have just got a new ecm/ignition/HISS sensor and key from Ebay (guaranteed from running bike)
Still don't have spark on plugs.
I have also switched ignition pulse sensor and cam pulse sensor.
Im getting solid 12-13v to coils when ignition is on.
Though im not seeing anywhere close to 100v peak voltage that manual says. Though I don't have a peak voltage adaptor so I don't know if you can even read peak voltage with regular cheap multimeter.

Im just lost here...

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Update and a FIX for future internet people looking for a fix on a "No spark" issue on a Honda CBR 954RR Fireblade!

Finally got the head of this!
Turned out that previous owner had the exhaust cam lined a tooth off after an engine rebuild.
Apparently there is a built-in safety feature that prevents a spark when the cam timing isn't perfectly lined up.

For those who have an european model with HISS system:
The pink wire doesn't need to have 9v coming. Also there is no zener diode thingys in ignition in european models.
Pink wire on HISS models show about 0.4v power on and 2-3v when cranking. This is normal.
When your red HISS light turns out after you turn the key you are good to go by those means!

Also when you are checking cam pulse generator and ignition pulse generator you have to have a proper multimeter with peak voltage showing capability!
Both of my sensors gave "faulty" readings with cheap multimeter when cranking.
Then a friend came with his fluke and they both showed good.
The cam pulse generator on the left side of the head may not give the required 0.7v minimun even with good multimeter. You need peak voltage adaptor with that.
I built mine with 3€ parts from ebay. You can find instructions how to solder one by yourself on internet.

Pic is from the right side of the engine when #1 piston is at top dead center and ignition pulse rotor lined up with the line besides the "T" mark.
Clearly showing a tooth off problem.
And the cam pulse generator being at the exhaust camshaft it needs to be synchronized with ignition pulse generator or a no-spark will occur!

Tomorrow i'll wrap up the wiring harness and the bike together and (possibly) fire it up! Best feeling in the world!!!


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