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Well, several months after the fact, I finally got the sprint down to Capitol BMW/Triumph in Raleigh to get the sprint repaired. It took a few weeks to get the parts in.

Well, I am pleased with the results. But it was bit questionable at first as Triumph had sent the wrong handlebar and switch assembly. Luckily the handlebar was able to be fixed with a bit of grinding and futzing. The switch assembly worked fine, it just had a scratch so we didn't replace it. So those wrong parts ended up saving me about 400 bucks, so that is cool.

Since I had to bring the bike in for this, I went ahead and had the Triumph factory heated grips installed and had them put on the heavy throttlmeisters to repace the damaged bar end.

The heated grips work... a bit too well in 90 degree heat on I-40 through Durham. It took them awhile to cool down as a matter of fact.

The traffic was never light enough for me to really try out the throttlemeisters. I have used throttle locks in the past so I have an idea how to make it work. It will just be a matter of getting practice at it.

Overall, it looks great and the only remaining sign of the tip-over is a couple of scratches that you would never notice unless you get down and close to them.

See photos...
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