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I bought a clear alternatives integrated tail light with the slow flasher additional $12 option, my question is where does this slow blink flasher hook up to, I thought it was under the seat, the 4th square box to the right when looking at it from clutch side of the bike...found out the hard way about 3 hours of scratching my head that when I hooked the CA flasher into that spot and remove the OEM box the taillight did not work at all, when I reinstalled the OEM relay(?) the light FINALLY came to life, I also got the right and left signals wired correctly as well, my problem is it's blinking too fast which I don't like...can someone tell me where the $12 Clear Alternatives slow flasher hooks up to so I can get the original factory signal blink speed....where is the flasher connection box if it's not under the seat is my question I guess :idunno:...thanks, Mark
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