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Hi All,

I have a 2009 CBR1000rr8 and after not using it much during the winter of 2018/2019 the bike would start up fine but when trying to leave a petrol station shortly after the first short run, or restart the bike after a little ride, the battery would go flat, so I charged it up again and if I used it daily it was okay. However, if I had not used the bike for a month or so I experienced the same problem, flat battery after a short run, so I figured the battery had died over the winter months when the bike was used less often.

After pushing my machine to the local bike shop, (which was quicker than waiting for a recovery truck
the cashier was surprised that he had a battery in stock for my CBR, and he was then even more surprised that it was the same battery which he normally puts in mopeds, and he replaced it with a "Rob Hunter MF KTZ7s" battery for around £45, I think I may have spotted some similar products on eBay for around £25.

Does anyone know whether it is important it is to have a high quality expensive battery in a 2009 CBR1000rr, or should a cheap battery be sufficient, I cannot help but keep wondering how much power the fan draws whilst waiting at railway gates etc etc.... and if there are differences in amperages for cheap versus expensive batteries, as I do not really know anything about this topic.

I have read about various bike battery maintenance/chargers including some solar powered versions, could that be a better answer, or should a decent battery be able to be left unused for a few winter months?

Please can anyone recommend a good value for money battery for the 2009 CBR1000rr8, or a good value for money bike battery maintenance/charger including any decent solar powered versions.

Thank you ever so much for your help with this......
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