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Back from Formula Race Car School in Las Vegas. Track time in a car was awesome but I think I will stick with motorcycles.  Overall things could not have been much better.  Did the 1000 mile + trip on  a BMW R1150RS with my girlfriend on the back. (She was a trooper and did not complain once) We stayed at the New York, New York for 4 days and ate like a King and Queen at least once a day.  

Highlights and Lowlights:

• Evaluating the Data acquired and improving lap times each session. DATA included MPH, lap times, G-force and RPM's
• Going two doors down to hang out with Freddie Spenser. He was super nice and I got an autographed poster.
• Getting better lap times than billionaire Steve Ratner who paid $15,000 + for 2 days.
• Heal toe down shifting takes practice but up shifting is cake,  just lift off the gas and bang it in gear without using the clutch.    
• Watching my other 2 classmates chuck it off the course at least 10 times combined.
• Meals ranging from Sauerbraten and Jagersnitzel to Caviar and Fig Martini's.  
• Getting a low 1.30 lap time and knowing I could better it on my CBR 929.
• Going to the Shelby America Plant and museum.
• Never stay at the New York, New York.  The location is great but the service sucked big time.  
• Winning this trip from work and only paying for food and gas -  THANKS BOSS!

I will add some more pictures including track action in the near future.
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