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My bike will never see the street again, I have no use for this stuff.

The front fender and the upper have about 7k miles on them. The rest have roughly 5k, maybe a little less. All of it is in great condition.

There is one stone chip on the upper that I could see.

The tail has a small scuffmark on the right side of it...hardly noticeable.

Tank cover is a little faded where my stomach/jacket touched it. I'm not a bodyman, but I've seen worse get rubbed out with rubbing compound. I did my best to clean it up but my arm is still too weak to make it look perfect.

I have pics of the individual pieces, if you want to see just PM me and I'll be glad to email any of them.

Harness/bank angle sensor - $40
Front fender - $55
Tank cover - $125

Side covers - $20
Fan - $50
Left hand side switch assembly - $40

*Honda polish, pink cloth and spray can cap are not included.


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