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I have a used and "nearly" complete Auchmarts Set for sale for an 06-07 Cbr1000. I bought it brand new last year and I've put maybe less than 1,000 miles on the set. The set itself is still in great condition. The paint scheme is the 06' all-black with silver lettering.

Many of the pieces are pretty much unused as I had used some stock pieces in place of using some of the Auchmart ones. As I stated above, the set is "nearly" complete. The only pieces I don't have are both lower fairings (they melted from exhaust heat after install and I tossed them out), the small "V" fairing and the two smaller inlay pieces that install just forward of the radiator (I have the two larger inlays, just not the two smaller pieces that attach to them.)

Here is what comes included :

Tank fairing
Two side tank inlays
Two front tank inlays
Tail fairing
Headlight fairing
Front wheel fender
Right mid fairing
Left mid fairing
Solo cowl (comes in 2 pieces and requires assembly)
Windscreen (slightly different shape than stock)
Two tail fairing vent assemblies
Front right inner radiator inlay (missing small attachment)
Front left inner radiator inlay (missing small attachment)

No hardware or rubber inserts included.

When I purchased the set, the left mid fairing had a small broken piece off of the front (where it connects to the headlight cowl). I did my best to glue it on and paint it black. I haven't had a problem with it since. The piece that broke is maybe 1 1/2" - 2" long. It could use some sanding and a repaint if you were paranoid about it. The fairings have some minor wear on them obviously, and I had to enlarge many of the bolt holes to get the fairings to install. There is some minor paint chipping around the mounting holes/areas but they become covered up once the fairings are installed.

I am NOT going to hassle with parting the set out, unless it absolutely comes down to that. All of the pieces are boxed up in one big box and has been packed pretty good. Shipping is estimated just under $100 with FedEx (I'll get a final shipping quote before payment.) The fairings have seen a couple rinses and I've been using the Honda Polish on them to keep them clean.

I'm looking to get $350 shipped within the U.S (will consider other offers.) Would recommend adding insurance shipping to the price in case the fairings get damaged enroute, but that won't be my call. Insurance usually isn't a whole lot more.

These pics are recent as of about 2 1/2 weeks ago -- Pictures by Rotor-Head - Photobucket
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