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In the 3 years of ownership I've ridden it twice and don't see that number increasing anytime soon. Work has been really flaky and while I'm still employed it's subject to change at any moment.

Michelin PR1 120 and PR4 180 at about 75%
Fox shock(will have to check if it's a double or triple)
Forks were redone for I believe 180lb rider by one of the previous owners
Keyless Ignition
Vortex rear stand
14,5xx miles showing on the odometer
Fully safety wired
Yoshimura RS-3 full exhaust
Woodcraft/CFM motorsports rearsets
Standard shift
Brand new Airtech body work
Brand new Carbon Lorraine sintered brake pads(front only, rear was fine)
Brand new RK chain and sprockets
Brand new Yuasa 929 battery with Battery Tender lead attached

Only thing I know that is wrong with it is the carbs need to be gone through and cleaned. I was an idiot and forgot to put fuel stabilizer in it when I first brought it home and it gummed up the jets.

As the thread title states, I'm asking $2800. Bike is located in Central SC and only about an hour from CMP. I'm willing to deliver 4hrs in any direction.

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