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Name: Rob
Location: Virginia Beach
Means of contact: you can call or text 757 412 9951 or email me at robert.misfeldt(at)
Price: $450 for bike as it sits now

Parting out. anything you want is for sale.

* Front wheel sold
* Chain and sprockets for chain sold
* Chain tensioner sold

Description: I got this as payment for doing some work on a friends' car. The bike was flipped. Frame looks straight. Motor was still running when my friend went down. Has a little over 16k miles on it. The motor was still running right after the accident. Once he ran to the bike and turned it off he never started it again and i have not since its been in my posession. This was back in december. The block does have a slight crack in it where the stator cover bolts to the block. The block itself doesnt leak oil but when running im sure it will where the stator cover goes. No fairings. I have a free and clear title. the bike was not reported wrecked.

Comes with a service manual, yoshimura exhaust, lowering dogbone that drops the bike an inch, lowered kickstand to go with the dogbone, brand new fuel pump.

If you are looking for specific parts i have a few prices below:

Full Wiring harness $75
Brand new Fuel pump $60
Rear wheel with tire $200
Yoshi universal muffler and pipe $200
frame $150
Rotors, Calipers, Pads, master cylinder and resevoir $150
Motor with transmission $200
lowering dogbone with shortened kickstand $100

any questions please ask.

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