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Fuel pump operation

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Hi all, my first post on here. I've usually lurked on 400greybike but site seems to be down for a while now :(

I'm trying to get my NC23 tracky back running again. It's had some work done, rebuilt motor/head etc but I got it back still with some issues.

I'm wondering how the fuel pump operates on these (it's been so long since it was running I can't remember). On my Gixxer I hit the ignition and it primes up, I can't remember the 400 ever doing that.

Currently I hit the ignition and nothing. I crank it and still nothing. I hook up 12V to the pump and it pulses.

Should the pump prime with ignition or only come on while cranking/running? My guess is maybe a realy or something (it was working fine before the motor came out).

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well my nc23, i turn the ignition and never even here the pump priming, its as silent as a mouse

so im guessing its just when its running or cranking over.

one thing you wanna do is take the plugs out, give them a clean up, check there is a spark, air and fuel.

you could always spray some easy start into the air box and see whether it comes to life.
Cheers for that. Because the motors been out and carbies off all is dry of fuel. I just couldn't remember how it operated and expected it to prime like my other bikes. I guess it should be running while cranking though, will investigate further.

U need to push the starter button for the pump to send fuel and it works in pulses,not continuously.I have the nc23.

If you need to connect directly the 12v to the pump maybe your relay that powers up the pump is ruined like mine.But of course do the obvious first and check the connections
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