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I did it on my '94 900 RR-R and it was easy.

Sorry, this possibly isn't helpful to you, but I took the clocks off and took them apart carefully. There was some obvious things to remove to replace cluster bulbs and I managed to find some LEDs which were the right size. They were the kind of bulb with no metal base and it took a bit of searching but eBay came up with the goods.

They were pretty cheap, although I had to buy a pack of twelve.

One thing to know is that the clock faces and other lights look slightly the wrong colour even if you use the white ones. Some of the lights on my instrument cluster are coloured and lit through coloured plastic. But, having replaced my headlights and sidelight with Halogen and LED, it at least made the clocks look kind of consistent, as in they were illuminated with a white light rather than an orange glow!

Sorry I couldn't be more specific.... eBay. One of those Hong Kong sellers.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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