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getting closer

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ok i found all but 2 fairings. bottom right and top cowl
i have white,blue, n red think 93 year
got good gas tank:thumb:
got the speedo
got every thing i needed i hope

but only thing....... i know what top fairing stay looks like. I have that
I am not sure what main fairing stay looks like. any one have a pic?
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o and i may have some extra parts when i am done. like clip on's, carbs, wire harnesses, brake lights, one extra tail fairing. n so on
should i post it in sale part of forum when i am done with my bike build?

i mean would that be enuff to post?
so you have read a few of the R.A.Salvatore books 2 hyperionjr
the id i use started off as a yahoo id for games
and that id was taking so i left that out

but up till now it has worked great. ur the 2nd person in ten years to know what my id was lol
picked up a 97 900rr today for parts bike.
supposed 2 run but stuck in 1st gear.
Is she in for a new coat of paint? Or do you like the way she is???
i am thinking new paint. i still need a few more fairings. i have left side and top cowl. but top cowl is fiberglass. not 2 sure if i want 2 use it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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