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Getting it back

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I'm picking my bike up as soon as the snow clears. Its been at the local Honda dealership for some cosmetic repairs. I guess haloween warrants acts of stupidness and vandalism. Someone knocked over my RC in the wee hours of November 1st. Very minor cosmetic damage.

As I'm getting ready to leave the house that Sunday morning, it catches my eye. Something I've never seen before. My RC51 is laying on its side. Very strange feeling came over me. My gut wrenches as I run over to it and lift it back upright. "This is great" I thought. My wife even freaked out (remember, she hates that I got this bike). After checking it over real good, I realized the damage is purely cosmetic. The following Monday I filed a claim with State Farm and had a check for the repairs within a few days. I had Interstate Honda replace the clutch cover so I didnt have to deal with the mess. The rest I'm doing myself.

I may not actually have the bike back home for a while due to the snow covered streets. I dont have a truck to transport it, so it will have to be ridden.
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Thanks guys and gals. And CONGRATS on the new bike Loopy. :thumb:
Yeah. I'll get it back when the roads clear. Until then, I just have to wait.
I appreciate your passion for justice, but they don't have to die for damaging my bike. Just cut thier arms off. :thumb:
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