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first trackday on my 900RR (fighter). should be a lot of fun

latest pics

took the givi top box (and frame) off (see older pic ). use the bike as transport to work and back, very nice to leave the laptop in the box on the way there and the jacket/gloves/earplugs while at work.

recent changes:

gsxr-750 forks and wheel (had a shop do some voodoo with the stock stem and the gsxr stem). gonna put in the goldvalves and stiffer springs, but right now it rides pretty good (at least on the street, will find out tomorrow how it handles on the track at Firebird)

pfm brakes (cheap on ebay! just needed small spacers to get the calipers to line up just right)


- one of these days i'll get around to making it look pretty. till then Fighters Rule!
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